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User-Friendly Solutions

User-Friendly Navigation
Our systems have been thoroughly tested with non-technical users to attain the highest level of ease of use. The success of the IntelliSource solution relies on a platform that is based on a portal concept.

The portal’s graphical user interface is based on a series of tabs and links that allow users to easily access information. Users do not have to click through a series of windows in order to obtain the information they need. The main page contains a series of tabs that users can click to view information without leaving the main page of the system. This improves ease of use and efficiency and provides easy navigation throughout the system.

Tabs and Drop
Down Menus
The entire solution is "point and click" technology designed for ease of use and efficiency. Additionally, the IntelliSource solutions utilizes hot keys that allow Users to quickly get to certain areas within the system. For example, users can click on a “claims” tab or simply click the "F3" hot key in order to display the claims search menu.

The design of the solution allows end users to access information from the main page without leaving the main screen. It greatly improves the system’s efficiency as end users do not have to navigate through cumbersome screens and then exit each screen to get to the system’s main screen.

The tab design allows the user to click on the tab to access specific data, such as claims, and then simply close the window to return to the original main recipient screen. IntelliSource works closely with the ultimate end users to ensure that the system is designed in any easy-to-use format that includes all of the key information that the users need to perform their jobs.

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