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The IntelliSource
Development Methodology

IntelliSource Solutions utilizes a Rapid Application Development methodology, which allows the end users to have direct input into the system development process. Instead of replacing applications, we develop a more user-friendly application that leverages existing systems.

Project Team Formation
A team of end users is formed to meet with us on a weekly basis to ensure that the IntelliSource system solution fulfills the specific needs of the business.

Workflow Analysis Phase
We conduct a comprehensive review of your current operation, including infrastructure and technology. We then analyze the entire process of the operation and develop recommendations on ways to streamline the technology in order to increase service and productivity.

Needs Assessment Survey
Information about any difficulties and concerns regarding the existing system is gathered from the Project Team and also from executives responsible for performance of the system.

Integration Phase
IntelliSource works directly with end users to ensure that the system has been properly integrated. Orientation to the new system solution and training are provided to the end users.
Prototype Implementation

Prototype Implementation
Once the solution has been developed and end users have been trained in the operation of the system, IntelliSource continues to monitor performance and provide any tech support or additional training.

The end result is an application that has been developed quickly and efficiently and which yields the highest possible return on investment.

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