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The Streamline Solution

Streamline is a solution developed specifically for member and provider services departments within Health Plans. The Streamline system is completely customized for each plan and, as a result, meets the specific needs of the ultimate end user. IntelliSource delivers Streamline as a turn-key solution providing the end user customization on the front end of the Streamline product, as well as providing the real-time integration services to link Streamline to the multiple backend systems within the health plan.Streamline integrates in real-time with Trizetto’s Facets system, as well as other internal systems within the health plan. When member or provider service representatives log into Streamline they are automatically logged into all other backend systems simultaneously. When a Customer Service Representative (CSR) enters a member or provider ID, Streamline retrieves the information from the appropriate backend system in real-time and presents the information to the CSR.  No longer do CSRs need to log into multiple systems and reenter the same information over and over again to get the information they need to service the phone call.  Streamline automates the process and provides the CSRs with the information they need to quickly and effectively service the phone call.
Streamline Product Feature
Streamline is in service at various health plans, including:
  • HealthNow (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York)
  • Keystone Mercy/AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan
  • Passport Health-Medicaid
  • TMG Health – Medicare TPA
  • Horizon NJ Health
  • AmeriHealth Administrators

This process significantly reduces the Average Handling Time (AHT) on phone calls as CSRs are not wasting time searching for the information. Streamline presents the information to them in an easy-to-use format. The information is organized in a way that is logical and intuitive. As a result, CSRs no longer need to navigate through multiple windows of data to find the information they are looking for.

Because Streamline is customized to fit the specific needs of the individual health plan, there is a high degree of user acceptance. There is also a significant decrease in system training time for users, often from 2 weeks of training on typical managed care customer service systems down to 1.5 days for the Streamline solution.

The ease of use by CSRs and the speed of service experienced by members also improves the quality of service while reducing costs for the provider.

Streamline provides full functionality to the CSRs including:

  • Member and provider information.
  • Eligibility and plan type.
  • Alerts and notifications on member eligibility, plan type, Medicare/Medicaid status, etc.
  • Claims detail information.
  • Change PCPs.
  • Pharmacy claims data.
  • Call tracking.
  • CTI integration for automatic screen pops.
  • Customized reporting.
  • Change member address/order member ID cards.
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